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What is the difference between and


Just wanted to say that I got this on the sale, but this is easily worth full price or more. I couldn't put it down until I beat it! It was a wild, awesome ride. I mean, how did you come up with a bonsai tree/snail shooting finger guns while riding in a red wagon through the sky? The big pixel-art sprites are gorgeous. The game reminded me of cross between Parodius and Cuphead. I had so much fun and could tell a bunch of love was put into it. Thank you for the great game!

The story made zero sense, but I loved the vibe. Keep making games! This is the kind of game that just makes me love indie-devs.

Thank you very much, we love that you enjoy Q-YO Blaster. Your comment is very nice, encourages us to develop video games -w-

Hi! Lovely game, I work for a game publisher and I wanted to reach out to see if you'd be interested in working with us. We know you're already on steam but we are doing a promo right now where we offer free pro-bono marketing services. Feel free to reach out to me if you're interested :) 



hahahaha XD

that would be a great fusion

Of course XD hahaha

Hi again.... I bought the game on steam and posted a bunch of feedback to your steam news page.... just wanted to make sure (since you seem active here), are you getting it? ♥

Friend, it is impossible that we can respond to that steam thread, we are sorry, we can only respond in "discussions" (not that we do not want, steam does not allow it)

Alright, but have you at least seen the feedback and taken it into account?

Sorry for posting it in the wrong place. You can talk to me about it here if you want. ♥


Does this game have a stage select or saving?

Only have a stage select, after completing the stage

so stage select progress isn't permanantly saved?

Yes, only after finishing the stage


This game is super fun I would recommend to anyone who is thinking of purchasing it


I love your game!  Very well done!   I played it on my channel and had of fun! 


hahaha we really love your video, great >:D

should i install any steam installer ?

or will i get only activation key without any steam software ?

because i don't want to install any steam software.

i only pay on itch platform.  thank you.


If you buy here, you only pay here (on itch) and sure, you have access to download a game installer of Q-YO Blaster (independent of Steam) and a key of Steam, to activate there Q-YO Blaster.

I hope I have resolved your doubt, if you didn't understand please let us know >:)


i brought today. thank you.

You too :3

When I Purchase this here do I get a Steam key also ? I would like this on Steam and Itch !

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Of course, if you buy here at Itch, you also get the Steam key to activate the game >:D


OK Thanks I'll be getting it here then :D

Enjoy Q-YO! >:D

Want to buy this game but no windows support :(

Its platform was not specified (damn, our big mistake), but really this game is currently only for windows, we apologize for the inconvenience, it is 100% compatible with window -n-